[Mageia-dev] packages importing: some questions

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Sun Jan 9 14:13:33 CET 2011


after reading
http://www.mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=packaging#starting_package_import i have
some questions:
Is this http://repository.mageia.org/mageiatools/cooker/i586/core/release/
only a temporary adress or the final repo structure? Shouldn't it be called
.../mageiatools/cauldron/... then or is there something i missed?

Then point 4. IV.: Why should we check if it does NOT have an clear, explicit
license? Shouldn't we rather check if it DOES have a clear and explicit
license? So is this just a typo?


Florian Hubold

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