[Mageia-dev] binrepos howto

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 11:24:36 CET 2011


with svn splitted in specs + patchs / binaries, can we have a heads-up
on how it works?

- does mdvsys support splitted binrepo? what is the configuration to use
  for mageia?

- when i want to see if a package that is already checked out on my hard
  drive has been updated, i used to go in the directory and run "svn
  up". does this still work, or should i also run this in SOURCES-bin?
  what is the equivalent using mgarepo / mdvsys?

- when i want to update a package to a new version, i used to dump the
  tarball in SOURCES, then "svn rm SOURCES/$previous" + "svn add
  SOURCES/$new" + update spec file + svn ci.  what are the new low-level
  commands? what's the equivalent using mgarepo / mdvsys ?

jquelin at gmail.com

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