[Mageia-dev] Java-Policy first draft published

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Thu Jan 13 12:49:15 CET 2011

Daniel Kreuter wrote:
> I don't agree with you at that point. I always take the tarball from
> eclipse.org <http://eclipse.org> (for eclipse) or netbeans.org
> <http://netbeans.org> (for netbeans) instead of the one's of
> repository provided by the distro.
> The reason is quite simple, the one's mentioned above are newer than
> the one's in the repos (often, not always but everywhere i looked for
> it, it was so)
> But there may be people who will first look in rpmdrake or urpmi
> that's right, but not everybody.

Well, I didn't say *everybody*, I was referring to newer users who might
actually do what we tell them to :-)

The problem is that there is a very high probability that anyone who
installs from an RPM will then install plugins directly.  Given that, I
would question even packaging the base product as an RPM.

Then again, there's the concern about whether an RPM-provided package
may provide something a tarball does not, or vice-versa.  For example,
the MDV Java RPMs play all sorts of games with /etc/alternatives and
don't (I think) set environment variables like JAVA_HOME.  This means
that tarball installs of things like Ant need manual tweaking to work
correctly with an RPM-based JDK.  The RPM-based Ant has wrapper scripts
which depend on the /etc/alternatives stuff and determine JAVA_HOME on
the fly.
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