[Mageia-dev] Importing RPM Spec File Syntax

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Wed Jan 19 14:58:59 CET 2011

Michael scherer skrev 19.1.2011 15:30:
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 02:44:35PM +0200, Ahmad Samir wrote:
>> On 15 January 2011 12:08, Remy CLOUARD<shikamaru at mandriva.org>  wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I just imported the RPM Spec File Syntax page in the wiki.
>>> It’s located here: http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=spec_syntax
>>> Please review this page as it’s one of the most important one for the
>>> beginning of the mentoring process, with the RPM Howto page (yet to be
>>> imported).
>>> Some comments on this page:
>>> - Patch naming:
>>> I’m not sure we should go that far for the patch naming policy, and in
>>> practice it’s not what I’ve seen up till now.
>>> Here’s a proposal:
>>> Patches must be named in a very explicit manner to make it very clear to
>>> what version it was originally applied. To that end, a patch needs to
>>> follow the convention of
>>> [package_name]-[version]-[description].patch:
>>>   * [package_name] is the name of the package it applies against, such
>>>   as 'shadow-utils' or 'gnupg'
>>>   * [version] is the version of the program this patch was developed
>>>   against, such as 1.0. The name of the patch should not change,
>> I don't agree, if you rediff the patch against version 2.0 the the
>> version in the patch name should change; one reason is, it can't be
>> applied to version 1.0 any more without restoring the old patch from
>> an older SVN rev. or rediffing it again.
> But that mean we lose history of svn ?

svn mv old_patch_name new_patch_name

and then update new_patch_name to apply correctly.


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