[Mageia-dev] meeting for packagers tonight

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 19:58:45 CET 2011

Op woensdag 16 februari 2011 18:11:11 schreef Michael Scherer:
> Hi,
> since this is wenesday and now the first iso is out ( with packages
> \o/ ), I propose that we try to find a list of task to be fullfilled for
> alpha 2 ( ie, some kind of planning, etc ).
> If mentors could also be present, to see if they need some easy/small
> task for newer packagers, it would be nice.

some initial thoughts:
 - upgraded artwork, where available
 - some very noticable bugs:
    - script.js file missing in indexhtml page, which means the page doesn't 
redirect to www.mageia.org (and perhaps some 
 - the KDE black background issue if possible
 - rescue would be usefull
 - if possible some smaller isos, since most other packages can be found 
online, and i'm pretty sure most people don't need all this? if possible < 
700MB ?

also, i would like to discuss if it would be possible to modify vboxvideo 
detection so that vbox3 packaged with mandriva could work with either vesa or 
vboxvideo3 instead of vboxvideo (just so it won't crash); this due to the 
upgrade path from mandriva 2010.1 .

I fear we would get alot of comments if we get this wrong, even though it's 
the users fault of not upgrading yet.

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