[Mageia-dev] Firefox requires

tmb tmb at iki.fi
Mon Feb 28 19:43:20 CET 2011

mån 2011-02-28 klockan 20:33 +0200 skrev Ahmad Samir:
> ATM firefox has:
> Requires:      xulrunner >= %{xulrunner_version}%{?prel:-0.%prel}
> this renders firefox unusable when xulrunner is updated, for example
> *xulrunner* was updated to 2.0-0.b12, while firefox isn't available
> yet on the mirrors (at the time when I updated my box). I think the
> requires need to be tighter:
> Requires:      xulrunner = %{xulrunner_version}%{?prel:-0.%prel}
> so that firefox doesn't break on users' systems until new firefox
> packages reach the mirrors.
> If no one objects I'll change the requires tomorrow.

it needs strict requires to work, so go ahead.


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