[Mageia-dev] RPM5 AND MAGEIA

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Thu Mar 3 10:53:25 CET 2011

----- "devzero2000" <devzero2000 at rpm5.org> wrote:
> Apart from the rest - of which i will ask for sponsorship when it
> will
> be - I wanted to know if there are plans to move to rpm5 by Mageia,
> such as Mandriva has been doing lately.

> Rpm5 already has a builtbot
> with Magela and rpm5. I can, if you can think useful or have plan for
> this, lay the necessary modification to enter into rpm5 Mageia, with
> the features of Mandriva cooker - fingerprint, syslog, etc. without
> trademark ecc- and produce a first rpm rpm5 for mageia , which also
> contains the functionality required by the passage to the "RPM
> ACID " feauture (berkeley db conversion)

But, can you:
-ensure that all valid packages that build under rpm-4.x (e.g. in Mandriva 2010.x) will build under rpm5?
-ensure that all valid packages that install under rpm-4.x will install under rpm-4.x?

There is no document specifying what has changed, or even when highlighting changes, no-one (@rpm5.org, or @mandriva.com) has bothered to list them so that contributors can save time instead of troubleshooting breakage.

Some issues that have impacted me so far:
-changed behaviour of %exclude
-new reserved macros (%sql)
-possible race condition between %__os_install_post and processing of %files (.lzma man pages reported missing where they are in fact .xz)

(and of course, the unavailability of the build system - during one of the periods I had the most time to work on packages - due to the rpm5 "upgrade")

rpm5 has wasted more than half of the time I could afford to contribute to Mandriva. It seems Mandriva has resources to waste, I don't think we have.

(At present, I am not sure if I will continue to maintain packages in Mandriva, the ones where I need newer packages on non-Mandriva at work which I currently maintain in Mandriva and then rebuild I will maintain for the present, but ones I don't need for work may languish ...)


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