[Mageia-dev] Contributors using real name/working email? or not? or maybe?

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Fri Mar 4 13:23:37 CET 2011

Quote: Wolfgang Bornath wrote on Fri, 04 March 2011 13:13
> Subscribing to lists hosted on Mageia is done with the mail address
> given in identity.mageia.org.

Ok I see, I haven't subscribed to any of those yet so I didn't know that.
But that's again IMHO not a good idea, we should be able to specify a
separate email address for the MLs.

1 user = 1 email address is a very simplistic assumption, especially among

so what will happen to the 'old' MLs?

How will they be migrated to the new server, I assume we all have to
manually resubscribe (I can't imagine automatic migration to work since
not everyone has a mageia-identy account and email address might not

Or will there be no migration?

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