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Per Øyvind Karlsen peroyvind at mandriva.org
Wed Mar 9 00:44:41 CET 2011

2011/3/8 Balcaen John <balcaen.john at gmail.com>:
> Le Tuesday 08 March 2011 18:11:11, Per Øyvind Karlsen a écrit :e
> [...]
>> Tsktsk, my post probably ends up being labelled as flamebait, troll, too
>> long and boring, biased and what not..
> [...]
> This list is not write only...
I know, could've done better to get points across with shorter and greater
consistence, which could've made it clearer that it was just as much an attempt
at defusing a silly situation with some irony and sarcasm.
> If you've got personnal problem with dmorgan just send him a personal emadon'til i
Nope, if I'd written better and focused on how to write rather than what written
about I probably would've succeeded better that what I find consider
as "silly" and
"FUD" etc. doesn't really concern me that much beyond providing some notes
in attempt of dismissing it (which gets rather complex for situations that's
not very straight forward) and lack of interest in dwelling at them, I
and don't care.

> don't care, but i guess that ennael wrote 3 hours before this last mail from
> you that mageia seems to have choose rpm.org so maybe we can really close this
I'm not debating nor trying to influence any decission already done on this,
Heck, I don't really think you find much references to me really
attempting to do
so in the past either, most of my posts anywhere related to it has usually just
been answers to questions, comments to provide insights and honest offers
of providing help and advice (and usually accompanied with the lack of interest
in discussing or attempting to influence any decissions made clear).

I'm simply *asking* for references to discussions concerning something that
other people (ie. as in "not myself") has asked questions about somewhat
semi-frequently asked for every now and then.

> subject/thread for now instead of talking again & again about the fantastic
> rpm(5).org feature/upstream/it's a revolution/another apple commercial
I don't really see myself touting or pushing much of an agenda in rehashing
any old discussions, I more than once explicitly make it clear (as I've done
several times earlier as well) that's not my goal either.
Asking for references on the discussion isn't something I find too appropriate,
is it? I certainly have a technical interest in it and personal
curiosity to satisfy.

I'm even outlining that if the disussion took place somewhere else and if that's
why there's no reference to it, that's okay. At the same time I must admit
that I'm questioning whether these discussions that claimed to have taken
place on the mailing lists several times actually ever did so. With often a lot
of false criticism and FUD implying rather nonsense, I find it really
and hard not noticing and pointing out, in addition to the given poor taste
implied behind such claims to begin with..
I tried rather to get the actual information or at least hint at suggesting
avoiding to make up such false information to begin with if that were the
case without making it a really big issue. As you read it as something
totally different, I'd rather speak my mind about something I otherwise intended
to stear clear of..

> here/etc etc.
> It's just boring...
Well, given how my attempt at dismissing a situation that I find as
unnecessarily silly tension obviously failed to begin with, I wouldn't be
surprised that me trailing off and writing endlessly trying to discuss
more technical matters again about a topic that's rather complex and
of little interest to really discuss to begin with, I'm not surprised.
I was none the less genuinly trying to raise some questions and awareness
of concerns about the topic brought up as it's something I have quite
great interest in and absolutely would like being able to discuss and
possibly helping eachother out on.

For someone that seems to want work on and having seemingly similar
ambitions for similar goals, I'm just hoping for dmorgan to better
understand and find the technical details interesting enough to not
getting sidetracked by this crappy rivalry and extremely childish situation
that created by others and that I refuse to take any responsibility for
causing to begin with.
Most people with proper attention and focus on what they're
working on usually tends to be able to do so, so as said, not knowing
him, I'm genuinly hoping to be positively surprised. :)

And I certainly don't expect nor even want to attract
the interest of other people beyond those with actual interest in and/or
insight to discuss it to begin with. Throwing buzz words back and forth,
while rehashing FUD isn't my idea of properly creating any constructive
discussion that I'd have any interest in..

At least I *try* to mostly stay focused on *what* I attempt to, while not
not being afraid to admit the nature of how I write it or personal bias,
in attempt to not getting distracted by it.
The standard response I've experienced on this list so far, with the
exception of like 3-4 people, has pretty much been being ignored, or
when I'm lucky like in this case, someone attacking me for all the things
I actually never ever said and even stressed to urge make clear that
I didn't mean to say either.

At least it's somewhat of a progress with someone acknowleding the
pink elephant in the room, even if claiming for it to be a completely
unrelated rabid monkey for which I'm to blame for and not allowed
to ask any questions about..

So in a summarized conclusion (and as it otherwise probably would
be interpeted as something totally different):
* First, cut the crap (people in general), get past it, we got better
things to do.

* Secondly, if you (dmorgan) really want to achieve the better things to do
that you mention, I'd be happy to discuss details concerning it and I don't
really care about the which fork nor version of whatever you prefer
nor even if you like wearing womens underwear, it's in the end just not really
that important at all, I'd still have the interest and would find it to be
potentially useful and think I'd still be able to provide and give some help

Per Øyvind

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