[Mageia-dev] Will mageia keep the bugs in Mandriva

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Mar 11 02:22:22 CET 2011

> 4)python(2.x,3.x) doesn't shipped a GUI idle. Idle is the std IDE
> shipped with python interpreter . I know in the /usr dir(I'm not in my
> mandriva box,
> and cannot remmember the exact path ),there is a idle.py script.  But
> since it's a GUI IDE, why not let someone can use it by mouse click?

That's not a bug, Idle is shipped in another rpm. I do not want to have
a desktop file appearing when any python software is installed, as this
will only confuse most users that do not care about crust, idle or stuff
like that. Even I , as the python maintainer and a python developper, I
never click on the icon ( nor use it ). Install tkinter-apps if you want

Michael Scherer

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