[Mageia-dev] Repository question: where do we put non-free+tainted RPMs?

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Wed Mar 16 00:31:42 CET 2011

Tux99 a écrit :
>> If the mix is legit, then we just move to non-free, and warn mirrors
>> that both non-free and tainted can cause troubles.
> Why do you think that would be a better solution than putting it into
> tainted (where it belongs for dependencies) and marking tainted as being
> for ALL tainted packages (regardless if free or nonfree)?
> Putting tainted packages in nonfree just causes more confusion IMHO.
>> If this is non-free, it goes to non-free, that's all. And we link
>> nothing to it outside of non-free.

Or make the links from outside optional.
> Which would mean other packages like gstreamer will have reduced
> capability.
> I'm starting to wonder if my hope of helping towards making Mageia an even
> better multimedia (audio/video) distro than Mandriva is, is unrealistic.
 From my point of view, not unrealistic at all,  Just don't be dogmatic 
about calling software potentially subject to patent claims "tainted" -- 
until directly threatened.
And allow "core" packages to _optionally_ use packages in "non-free".
(That is, avoid "requires".)

What would be useful, is the capability, when installing a "core" 
package, to optionally install a related package from a non-core 
repository, even if the non-core repository in question isn't activated.
With that functionality, at least you won't be restricted by the 
I don't know how much needs to be done to acquire this functionality, 
but it has already been discussed on Mageia lists.

Your goals might be more work than you originally thought, but it's doable.
Just don't give up :)


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