[Mageia-dev] Chroot problem this evening

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Mar 18 01:05:28 CET 2011


Those who are addicted to reading pkgsubmit.mageia.org may have seen
that we suffered from some issues this evening, the chroot used to build
packages could not be regenerated due to a serie of events.

Due to a conflict between 2 packages ( caused by some issue upstream,
tmb will likely explain better than me ), caused by incorrect assumption
in iurt ( or urpmi ) source code, the chroot was generated with free and
non-free media at the same time, and there was 2 rpms conflicting
( kernel-firmware and kernel-firmware-extra ), preventing the chroot to
be rebuilt. The conflict could not be seen usually, as that's here only
to make sure package are in sync ( without having requires ). 

Thomas removed the 2 rpms from mirrors for now, and blino fixed iurt
( commit 682 and 683 in soft/ , 1328 in adm/ ), and deployed it.

We have also discussed of issues regarding enabling --no-suggests on
iurt, but I am not sure it is not already the case, so that's still

Michael Scherer

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