[Mageia-dev] second impressions of mageia 1 alpha 2 (upgrade from MDV 2010 x86_64 PWP)

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 01:55:13 CET 2011


first i noticed that 64bit iso is 3.8GB, while 32bit is more than 4GB.

upgrading mdv 2010.1 x86_64 PWP with mageia 1 alpha 2 x86_64 DVD:

- i noticed that the delay in text is still there during boot from DVD(#61)
- in installer, i noticed that some of the blue rounding is gone now(#62)
- ( what shall we do with #66 ? low priority? not valid? discuss more? )
- I chose upgrade, and it almost immediately started upgrading.
- I absolutely love the artwork during install: 1.5 thumbs up!
- upgrade did tell me it would take more than 1hour, after a while it told me 
it would be more than 4 hours

I remember from earlier mdv upgrades that upgrade from DVD always took a huge 
amount of time, so i haven't tried it since it was mandrake...  at later 
times, i upgraded using urpmi sources and even later just by the applet. or 
sometimes did a fresh install.

i noticed on my vbox3 that the disk and DVD gave 1sec activity and then 2sec 
nothing... so i suppose this could be more a CPU issue rather than a disk 
issue... (VM has 1cpu + 512 MB RAM)

- after about 10% i see an error message:
i tried to take screenshots of everything... but there was alot.

* it started with conflicts of /usr/share/doc/HTML/kcontrol/ that was moved 
from kdebase to kderuntime or something
* alot of X needed by Y stuff: from perl-base, x11, python, imagemagick

it seems to (ironically) be bug #404 . the upgrade seems to stop and just move 
on to configuration...

- the users step was skipped (seems normal) however, the item is still there?
- the bootloader step was done
- i don't know if it's a bug or not, but security level was marked as 
"unconfigured" in the configuration step.
- i chose yes to updates
- during update the small font is still there (#67)
- it gave an error that "aria2 failed(exited with 127): unable to access 
distribution medium (no media.cfg file found)" with a text below: "medium: ()" 
- it then proceeded to show the screen to reboot
- documentation asked to look on terminal to find out some stuff, but in my 
vbox, pressing Function keys with alt didn't do anything, and ctrl-alt 
switched me on the host, so i couldn't test that.

so i rebooted.

- rebooting showed me the old grub (text + graphic), but seemed to boot into 
mageia, (even after selecting mandriva).
- black background in DM
- logging in to KDE gives "could not start kdeinit4. check your installation" 
and a second window behind it, about changing names of folders. i was in a 
daring mood and clicked update names. and after that on the "okay" button from 
the kde error message. it got me back to kdm, so i clicked console login
- seeing tty, i noticed it still said Mandriva linux
- product.id + /etc/issue still unchanged
- urpmq --list-url showed me that the DVD was still listed as medium, so i did 
the urpmi --auto-update
- "unable to access core media" but it continued with message:
- "some requested packages cannot be installed: dblatex, gtk-doc", i said yes
- "the following will be removed: " kmail, due to missing kio-* ; and some 
others like mdkonline and some python stuff., i said yes
- then installing package step, 276 packages and 39MB will be freed., i said 
- it said, please insert medium "core media"
- i ejected it in vbox and put it back in, that did the trick
- it tried to start and said i needed 86MB on / (out of disk space?)
- i removed tetex (it seemed to take 200M on /usr/share/texmf) with urpme and 
it removed also 12 that depended on it dblatex and stuff
- i redid the autoupdate, and it asked again to insert medium core media, but 
reinserting it didn't seem to work. also not inserting something else first.
- failing that, i removed the core media and set up urpmi sources from online 
local media. alas it seemed aria2c didn't work due to libz and libxml versions 
- specifying --wget option didn't help either, because my eth0 wasn't present, 
but renamed to eth1, which didn't have a config, of course.
- after dhclient eth1 and shutting down firewall, and iptables service to 
accept, that worked.
- it also showed the "2\n2" isn't numeric warning messages (#201)
- i also had to add --no-md5sum (due to md5sum check failed)
- i also got messages that it was unable to get pubkeys
- urpmi --auto-update --wget gave warnings but seemed to work, only 2 packages 
were to be removed due to python < 2.7
- after it ran, it seemd to be only related to urpmi update, and so it 
restarted itself and asked me to remove libktorrent to proceed, i say yes
- it then said 300+ extra MB for 1700+ packages, i say yes
- it's halfway through installing atm, i'll go to sleep and tomorrow i'll 
continue this.

this was a cloned machine, so it can be retested at a later date. or in 
different ways.

my conclusion:
 - totally not ready for upgrade via DVD.
 - DVD upgrade method seems very unstable to me and takes way too much time.
 - I would propose to change the DVD upgrade method, that it just doesn't 
upgrade at all, except it installs a mgaupdate applet on the mandriva, then 
reboots into mandriva, but sort of does an applet-y upgrade there.

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