[Mageia-dev] qt3-devel needed for Trinitydesktop (KDE 3.5 successor)

Dexter Morgan dmorganec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 18:46:56 CET 2011

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 5:08 PM, Tux99 <tux99-mga at uridium.org> wrote:
> Quote: Robert Xu wrote on Wed, 23 March 2011 16:09
>> Trinity Qt4 support is experimental, you can see it in
>> SVN.trinitydesktop.org
> I'm aware of that, that's why I said we need qt3-devel re-enabled in the
> QT3 package.
> I don't want to build the current version with experimental QT4 support.
>> And truthfully, if you want to bring Trinity to Mageia, you should
>> wait for release 3.5.13 - because with an autoconf > 2.63, the build
>> breaks.
> I'm aware of the autoconf issue but I found a workaround [1] and I have
> managed to build a libtqtinterface RPM so far with the workaround.
> Are you a TrinityDE developer?
> I saw your name on the trinity-dev ML.
> If yes then maybe you could be a great help for packaging up TrinityDE on
> Mageia, if you feel like helping with it. :)
> Do you know when 3.5.13 will be released? Is the release imminent?
> If it's imminent then I agree it's best to wait.
> [1]
> http://cvs.pld-linux.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/~checkout~/packages/libtqtinter
> face/libtqtinterface.spec
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After looking to the source tarball which is huge ( 600 Mo ), I see some pbs:

[dmorgan at localhost kde_trinity_3_5_11]$ ls
applications/  kdeaccessibility/  kdeadmin/    kdebase/
kde-common/  kdegames/     kde-i18n/  kdemultimedia/  kdepim/
kdetoys/   kdevelop/   konstruct/
dependencies/  kdeaddons/         kdeartwork/  kdebindings/  kdeedu/
  kdegraphics/  kdelibs/   kdenetwork/     kdesdk/  kdeutils/
kdewebdev/  libraries/
[dmorgan at localhost kde_trinity_3_5_11]$ ls applications/
abakus/                        gtk-qt-engine/     kde-guidance/
kile/               knights/       ksplash-engine-moodin/  rosegarden/
adept/                         gwenview/          kde-style-lipstik/
kima/               knowit/        ksquirrel/
amarok/                        k3b/               kde-style-qtcurve/
kio-apt/            knutclient/    ksystemlog/             smb4k/
basket/                        k9copy/            kdesudo/
kio-locate/         koffice/       ktechlab/
compizconfig-backend-kconfig/  kaffeine/          kdesvn/
kio-umountwrapper/  konversation/  ktorrent/               tellico/
desktop-effects-kde/           kaffeine-mozilla/  kde-systemsettings/
kmplayer/           kopete-otr/    kuickshow/
digikam/                       katapult/          kdiff3/
kmyfirewall/        kpicosim/      kvirc/                  yakuake/
dolphin/                       kbarcode/          kdirstat/
knemo/              kpowersave/    kvkbd/
filelight/                     kbfx/              kdmtheme/
knetload/           kradio/        kwin-style-crystal/
filelight-l10n/                kchmviewer/        kdpkg/
knetstats/          krename/       piklab/
fusion-icon/                   kcpuload/          keep/
knetworkmanager/    krusader/      potracegui/
[dmorgan at localhost kde_trinity_3_5_11]$

The issues we see that are blocking are :

we can't/won't package/add  twice the same apps, one for TDE and one
for KDE and this issue is a blocker one.

I would prefer to see TDE in a external repository for now. ( i.e you
work locally to reenable qt3, package TDE, ... and then we can start
to review all this and talk about integration in mageia )

This will mess with menus too because users will have 2 times the
icons of K3b, and can lead to deps issues, files conflicts, how is
called K3b binary files ? k3b ? so it will conflict with "normal" k3b
and so on for the other apps.

For Robert Xu on opensuse this is a completly != issue as repos are
"seperated", but that would be nice to have a 3rd "external" repo for
this :)

My 2cts

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