[Mageia-dev] vbox/vboxadditions conflicts question

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Mar 24 21:52:53 CET 2011

Frank Griffin a écrit :
> On 03/24/2011 12:41 PM, andre999 wrote:
>> Frank Griffin a écrit :
>>> Is there an rpm or urpmq query
>>> that will highlight conflicts between installed packages on a system ?
>>> For example, if I installed dkms-virtualbox and then installed
>>> dkms-vboxadditions with --force, is there a query which would report
>>> that these two are in conflict ?
>> good idea.
>> Also, it seems that when a conflict is reported, it should list the
>> applications (and versions) it finds to be in conflict.
>> It is _really_ frustrating to have these anonymous conflicts, when
>> rpm/urpm must know what it is finding in conflict.
> I was hoping this was already possible. If it's not, I'll enter an
> enhancement request. Could some rpm/urpmq guru confirm one way or the
> other, please ?

I was thinking of installs in rpmdrake (under mdv).
Sometimes it says that a package can't be installed -- if I remember 
correctly, because of conflicts -- but doesn't give the blocker.

If I try to install the package directly (from console or Nautilus) 
often I get more info.  Sometimes I have found circular 
depends/conflicts, so I have had to use --force to work around the problem.

If it is an upgrade, sometimes uninstalling the old package (with 
rpmdrake), then installing the new, works.  (But it is not always 
possible to uninstall without uninstalling a lot of other packages.)


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