[Mageia-dev] Samba update to 3.5.8

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Fri May 13 12:16:34 CEST 2011

I have finally got a bit of time to get busy with Mageia packaging (my first 
VM was on virtio disk on Mandriva 2010.1/kvm, and there seem to be some 
corruption problems, I finally got time to reinstall it yesterday).

Since I have just finished samba/samba4 updates in Cooker, I would like to 
update Cauldron to the same.

Specifically, what we miss between 3.5.5+CVE is:

New in 3.5.8:
o  Fix Winbind crash bug when no DC is available (bug #7730).
o  Fix finding users on domain members (bug #7743).
o  Fix memory leaks in Winbind (bug #7879).
o  Fix printing with Windows 7 clients (bug #7567).

New in 3.5.6:
  o Fix smbd panic on invalid NetBIOS session request (bug #7698).
  o Fix smbd crash caused by "%D" in "printer admin" (bug #7541).
  o Fix crash bug with invalid SPNEGO token (bug #7694).
  o Fix Winbind internal error (bug #7636).

Unfortunately, "samba features", if absent, are usually "samba bugs", such as 
printing with Windows 7 clients etc.

If this is viable, I will try and commit updates to the following in svn 
between now and 15h00 UTC:

-tdb 1.2.9 (done)
-ldb 1.1.0 (import)
-samba4alpha15 (alpha11 was imported about 2 days before I finished alpha15 in 

Please let me know if I should go ahead. tdb should be pushed in the meantime 
in this case.


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