[Mageia-dev] Samba update to 3.5.8

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Fri May 13 12:28:45 CEST 2011

'Twas brillig, and Buchan Milne at 13/05/11 11:16 did gyre and gimble:
> I have finally got a bit of time to get busy with Mageia packaging (my first 
> VM was on virtio disk on Mandriva 2010.1/kvm, and there seem to be some 
> corruption problems, I finally got time to reinstall it yesterday).
> Since I have just finished samba/samba4 updates in Cooker, I would like to 
> update Cauldron to the same.
> Specifically, what we miss between 3.5.5+CVE is:
> New in 3.5.8:
> o  Fix Winbind crash bug when no DC is available (bug #7730).
> o  Fix finding users on domain members (bug #7743).
> o  Fix memory leaks in Winbind (bug #7879).
> o  Fix printing with Windows 7 clients (bug #7567).
> New in 3.5.6:
>   o Fix smbd panic on invalid NetBIOS session request (bug #7698).
>   o Fix smbd crash caused by "%D" in "printer admin" (bug #7541).
>   o Fix crash bug with invalid SPNEGO token (bug #7694).
>   o Fix Winbind internal error (bug #7636).
> Unfortunately, "samba features", if absent, are usually "samba bugs", such as 
> printing with Windows 7 clients etc.
> If this is viable, I will try and commit updates to the following in svn 
> between now and 15h00 UTC:
> -tdb 1.2.9 (done)
> -ldb 1.1.0 (import)
> -samba-3.5.8
> -samba4alpha15 (alpha11 was imported about 2 days before I finished alpha15 in 
> Mandriva)
> Please let me know if I should go ahead. tdb should be pushed in the meantime 
> in this case.

While this is very late in the cycle, the changes to samba look like
bugfixes to me and the samba4alpha package is likely one we can push
through the freeze anyway due to it's nature.

So IMO the only question is the tdb and ldb. Are these just bug fixes
too? (as ldb is an import it's less of an issue - is it just needed for



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