[Mageia-dev] Freeze push request: flash-player-plugin

Balcaen John mikala at mageia.org
Sun May 15 14:43:39 CEST 2011

Le dimanche 15 mai 2011 07:57:08, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> Yes, but having a 64-bit package is better. The 64-bit plugin "Square"
> (http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html) has been
> tested since November 2010 and I haven't read about any problems. I've
> been using it on several machines on Mandriva and Mageia.
> So, although it may be nice to have a rpm (as I have been told
> yesterday), instead of using a 32-bit rpm on a 64-bit machine I'd
> always recommend using the 64-bit version from adobe. The installation
> is no astrophysics.
 The 64 bits also have some CVE not patched so i would not  recommend it.

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