[Mageia-dev] regarding tainted progress

Philippe DIDIER philippedidier at laposte.net
Mon May 30 01:53:29 CEST 2011

Happy to see bug 358 quite resolved and seeing tainted repo populated with
new specially built rpms beside core ones (libpano; and ffmpeg, xine, vlc,
mplayer, libquicktime, gstreamer )...

Two little problems remain : 
1) libfaac is missing ...
no problem for ffmpeg : voaacenc is in the tainted repo instead and used to
build ffmpeg with the patches provided by videolan
But there can't be anymore libquicktime-faac (buidfailure needing to
disable this building option) nor gstreamer-faac ...
Audiokonverter (if it is pushed with spec imported from plf  ) will fail to
build (requiring libfaac too) will need to be built without this option,
and won't be able to encode aac 

2) win32-codecs is missing too (perhaps might it be in non-free repo
instead of tainted ) and maybe some problems may happen trying to read
some videos

why not to provide faac libs ?

Nevertheless I congratulate everyone for such a huge work you did ... and
for the transparency of every discussion ! 

Best regards 

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