[Mageia-dev] [soft-commits] [4237] block denemo as it pulls in lilypond and texlive

Olivier Blin mageia at blino.org
Tue Apr 24 22:53:55 CEST 2012

Thomas Backlund <tmb at mageia.org> writes:

>>> block denemo as it pulls in lilypond and texlive
>> Err I think you&  blino go the wrong way.
>> Wouldn't it be simpler to specify what you don't want instead?
>> (kdepim, texlive, lilypond)
> It would if urpmi would behave nicely...
> That is indeed how the auto_install.pl stuff is supposed to work...
> But as it is now, if I would specify texlive directly, urpmi will
> start unselecting various random packages thus breaking the livecd
> build...
> (it even nukes protected packages like basesystem(-minimal)...
> That is why we have to block the packages in the "beginning" of the
> dependency chain...

Exactly, if a package selected by rpmsrate has a dependency that is not
available (for example "skipped"), this package is unselected as well as
a lot more packages selected by rpmsrate.

This is likely a bug in the DrakX package selection code.

Thierry, maybe you have some ideas about this issue?
Do you want logs to show the issue?

We would be very happy not to have to specify the leaves in the dep
chain if we can skip only one dependency.


Olivier Blin - blino

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