[Mageia-dev] Big problem with a rpm => freeswitch

D.Morgan dmorganec at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 01:57:25 CET 2012


while looking to beta1 isos pbs i saw a pb with a rpm that shouldn't
have been allowed to go in mageia cauldron. The package is freeswitch.

First the spec file is "excuse me the word" awful ( see

1- macro redefined
2- Use of some LIBDIR PKGCONFIGDIR macros instead of using the std
rpms macros  like :

%define	PREFIX		%{_prefix}
%define EXECPREFIX	%{_exec_prefix}
%define BINDIR		%{_bindir}
%define SBINDIR		%{_sbindir}
%define LIBEXECDIR	%{_libexecdir}/%name
%define SYSCONFDIR	%{_sysconfdir}/%name
%define SHARESTATEDIR	%{_sharedstatedir}/%name
%define LOCALSTATEDIR	%{_localstatedir}/lib/%name
%define LIBDIR		%{_libdir}
%define INCLUDEDIR	%{_includedir}

3-  libs are in the main package
4- the package can break other packages like firefox as it provides

I think this package must be removed from mageia as long as its
packaging isn't cleaned and should be reviewed before being included
in mageia in the future.



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