[Mageia-dev] ANN: Upgrading from Mageia 2 via urpmi

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Dec 12 10:30:54 CET 2012

'Twas brillig, and Thomas Spuhler at 12/12/12 04:34 did gyre and gimble:
> On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 03:56:30 AM Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> Can I ask:
>>  1. Do you have /var on a separate partition?
> no, same patition. I have / swap and /home
>>  2. If so, did my updated package allow you to mount it OK in the initrd
>> (you can pass rd.break=mount and then check the /sysroot/var dir to see
>> if it's mounted - you will have to type "exit" once to actually do the
>> mount IIRC).
>>  3. If the conversion is done with rd.break=prepivot, does the
>> /sysroot/var/run symlink exist (again you may need to do "exit" once to
>> actually trigger the conversion).
>> If so, then something is later on *removing* the /var/run symlink again.
> I only know its not there and that is why the network doesn't start. Also about for other services 
> need to timeout during boot because of the missing /var/run

Ahh so that's where the timeout problems occur. OK, that makes sense indeed.

Just need to work out when /var/run symlink when missing.

Sadly, I need to get systems where this keeps reoccuring, sadly by
completing the upgrade fully it now means we can't debug the causes.

Hopefully someone will be able to reproduce it on a snapshotted VM so we
can reply various scenarios :)

>> In my earlier tests it was mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.service that
>> killed the symlinks. I made sure to disable it by rm'ing the symlink:
>> /lib/systemd/system/sysinit.target.wants/mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.servic
>> e
>> I fear it is somehow still running for you and killing of /var/run.
> Could be but I don't know what. I know need the system to do some packaging.

Yeah completely understandable. I'm sure we'll find a way to reproduce
it in laboratory settings :)

>>> after network runs, remove the /var/run (otherwise filesystem will not
>>> install)
>> No, /var/run should just be a symlink to /run then filesystem installs
>> fine - this is how it's meant to be, but something somewhere is going
>> wrong!
>>> then use urpmi --auto-update
>>> ( got the message "/"  is mount read-only a few times and had to re-boot
>>> and go throught the /var/run cycle as desribed above)
>> Something has to be nuking the /var/run symlink on your system.
>> Does "systemctl status mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.service" indicate
>> it's been run? Does
>> [/usr]/lib/systemd/system/sysinit.target.wants/mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.
>> service still exist somehow?
> not anymore. Teh problem went away after about 1,000packges have been upgraded or maybe before.
> I still have
> mandriva-boot-links        
> mandriva-save-dmesg

Yeah, the mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.service is no longer shipped in
cauldron/mga3's initscripts package (with the move to /run it's no
longer needed).

I'm still confused as to what's causing the problem tho'.

I don't suppose you happen to have a left over broken symlink to
mandriva-clean-var-run-lock.service somewhere in your
/etc/systemd/system/ tree? If so what's the exact path? (you can safely
remove it now if it exists).



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