[Mageia-dev] Big problem with a rpm => freeswitch

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Dec 9 16:55:51 CET 2012

Johnny A. Solbu skrev 9.12.2012 15:37:
> On Sunday 9. December 2012 14.27, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
>> Why waste any time on such pile of crap, without any visibility on the
>> desirability of such software in the distribution ?
> Good point.
> I am tempted to throw away the spec file and use the spec file from opensuse. It looks much better and have only defined a few sub packages.

Well, this decision is not your to take, as dlucio is the maintainer
and is responsible for sorting it out if he wants the package
back in.

But for now the rpms have been removed from repos until the listed
issues are resolved.


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