[Mageia-dev] ANN: Upgrading from Mageia 2 via urpmi

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 19:48:07 CET 2012

On 9 December 2012 13:18, Colin Guthrie <mageia at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:
>>> So I've just pushed the package mageia-prepare-upgrade to mga2
>>> core/updates_testing.
>>> This package, when installed will add a new menu option to your
>>> bootloader. Simply install this package, reboot, select the "Mageia 3
>>> Upgrade Preparation" entry boot, wait while your FS is converted and
>>> then perform a urpmi upgrade as you would normally.
>>> I've not specifically tested the upgrade part, only the installation and
>>> creation of the initrd and bootloader entries in grub. I've also not
>>> done this on an mga2 machine yet but will do soon enough.
>>> I just wanted to get this package "out there" for anyone wanting to
>>> update their mga2 machines to mga3 a3 but not wanting to use the installer.
>>> At present there are a few limitations:
>>> 1. It requires kernel 3.3.8-2.mga2 to be installed (any flavour should
>>> work). A specific kernel version is not really 100% necessary but it
>>> does mean I can add hard requires to the package. This is only desirable
>>> to prevent the situation where users install this upgrade package but do
>>> not run it and later remove the kernel used to generate the initrd for
>>> the bootloader menu item, thus breaking it. Any smarter ideas on how to
>>> manage this welcome.
>>> 2. If you have /usr in a separate partition and have it mounted ro in
>>> your fstab, you will have to manually change the fstab to rw for the
>>> upgrade boot.
>>> Happy testing. Let me know if it kills any kittens. Please keep a backup
>>> etc. etc.
>>> Col
>> Thanks Colin.
>> The conversion works. But then the problem shows, we have no network.
>> doing a urpmi --download-all --auto-update only downloads the fist 120+ rpms (the ones needed before
>> restart-urpmi
>> What is needed is to add some directories and then the network will start
>> /var/run/netreport
>> /var/lock/subsystem/network
>> I will check after the upgrade if they can be deleted
> Hmm, yes, I guess after doing the upgrade the various /var/run and
> /var/lock folders would be nuked. In mga3 they will be created by
> tmpfiles but not with a simple reboot on mga2...
> Hmm, I wonder how best to do this... perhaps we could ship updated
> packages for each of the packages which absolutely *need* this to do the
> download... or perhaps we could just ship some essential config tweaks
> in the this mageia-prepare-upgrade file. It shouldn't do any harm to do
> the latter and it's a bit easier on the QA folk.

Humm we could just package mageia-prepare-upgrade in mga3 and add
it to urpmi priority list.
Thus it would also work for people who never apply updates...
My 2 cents

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