[Mageia-dev] icewm package re-organize?

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Tue Feb 21 07:56:13 CET 2012

21.02.2012 03:53, You-Cheng Hsieh kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> I want to propose an idea for icewm packaging:
> Currently, the icewm source package builds icewm-light, icewm,
> icewm-gnome. But the themes and all locale files are included in the
> icewm package. Even though icewm is already small, I still think it
> can be better organized.
> How about:
> - Pack all themes in icewm into one "icewm-themes" and pack all
> locales into one "icewm-i18n" package.
> OR
> - Pack each theme as a single package "icewm-theme-%themename", and
> have a "icewm-theme" to install all themes.
> - Pack each locale as a single package "icewm-l10n-%lang"
> or perhaps any better idea...
> What do you think?

I can understand wanting to separate themes, but I'm against it as IceWM
is already quite small, and if one wants a minimal installation one can
use "icewm-light" instead (which doesn't have the themes). I'll leave
the decision to the maintainer, though.

As for localization, I don't see any reason to split them. Having them
in the main package is the standard way. They do not actually use disk
space unless the respective locales-XX is installed, and the package
size difference is very small.

Anssi Hannula

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