[Mageia-dev] time between install and menu update

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Tue Jul 10 20:25:21 CEST 2012

09.07.2012 06:22, andre999 kirjoitti:
> Simple w a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> After running Mageia and a debian based distro Linuxmint, one thing
>> appeared strange, after installing a rpm (that included .desktop
>> files) the menu entry didnt appeared after the rpm installation, it
>> takes about 10 seconds after the rpm install to have the new entries
>> in the kde panel menu (or kmenu), and in the debian based distro the
>> time between the package install and having the entries listed in
>> kmenu was almost instant.
>> Is this a problem thats only related with rpm packagement or could it
>> be improved so that the menus could appear after the install in kmenu
>> (without having to wait about 10 seconds)?
>> regards,
>> Pedro
> I hadn't noticed that, but I'll look next time I install something.
> It could be unrelated to rpm, but more how xdg is implemented in Mageia
> vs Mint.
> (Since both would use xdg with .desktop files.)
> Mageia uses the same method with menus as Mandriva did, which
> accommodates both Gnome (which I use) and KDE.  That could account for
> the delay.

That shouldn't really have an effect on the delay, it is just a
different layout.

a) Simple w didn't use KDE in Mint but another DE, which would affect
   the speed (maybe the other DE detects changes more aggressively), or
b) Mint somehow triggers menu update when a package is updated (not
   as easy as one would think, as packages are updated by root
   and menus are user-specific), or
c) An interaction difference between apt and rpm which causes KDE to
   detect menu file changes slower, or
d) A KDE bug.

> At least a 10-second delay isn't a major problem.

Anssi Hannula

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