[Mageia-dev] Shutdown button by default in Mageia 2 Gnome request

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Wed Mar 28 21:07:14 CEST 2012


Gnome 3.4 was released today :), and the Mageia 2 release candidate is 
meant to be on the 10th April.  However I have a little request that I 
hope will be taken seriously. That is for the shut down button to show 
by default in Gnome 3.4 in Mageia 2.

As far as I know it isn't at the moment, I haven't tried Gnome Shell in 
Cauldron just yet, since when I tried to before with Alpha 1 and 2 
issues with XFdrake and trying to get my proprietary Nivida driver 

Anyway going back on topic I strongly believe that Mageia 2's Gnome 
Shell should be showing the shut down button by default, even though 
like Olav and I assume Bkor as well, I would like Mageia's Gnome to stay 
rather close to upstream by default at the moment.

However it won't be using the default theme by default, in fact it will 
be using a port of the KDE theme, and so I don't think having the shut 
down button by default will be a problem as such.

Quite a lot of people still want to shut down their computer instead of 
suspend or leaving it on most/all of the time, and I am one of them.  
There was also a 60+ year old at my LUG, that I went to for a first time 
last Saturday, who was using Fedora on a lap top, who wanted to use the 
shut down button.  He told me how when he was new to Fedora it took him 
quite a long time to find out how to shut down.

There was quite a lot of stuff before on the web about how it wasn't 
good to have to press tab for the shut down button to show in the menu.  
Personally I don't mind doing that as such, but I know that many other 
people will.

Apparently Debian have the shut down button showing in Gnome Shell.  Not 
sure about OpenSuse, but it wouldn't surprise me if they do as well.  As 
for Fedora they stay very close to upstream with Gnome, so of course 
it's not there by default. Fedora is also aimed at in general slightly 
more technical users  than what Ubuntu is aimed at for example or in my 
opinion anyway. As for Mageia we should have the distro aimed at 
everyone, from brand new users to Desktop Linux, to 
opensource/freesoftware experts, as a result the shut down button should 
indeed be showing by default in the menu.

Apparently the extensions need re creating for Gnome 3.4 or something, 
well ok, but well please let's have the shut down button showing in the 
menu by default in Mageia 2.

I can imagine a lot of new users being given Mageia on a Live CD to try 
out, and trying out the Gnome version, then coming back to the person 
saying something like,  "yeah Mageia Gnome was good, but I had 
absolutely no idea how to shut it down when I tried it".  I also think 
it would be a bit bad to say to these users something like "With the 
Gnome Shell interface in Mageia 2 the developers of it decided to remove 
the shut down button by default, so if you want to shut down you have to 
press tab, to get it to show".

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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