[Mageia-dev] Bugzilla mass ping

blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Wed May 30 04:14:48 CEST 2012

nicolas vigier wrote:


> The way I see it, the bug should be fixed first in Cauldron, because
> it's the developement version. And when it is confirmed that the fix is
> good, it is applied to all affected stable versions.

That would depend on whether the bug was an annoyance or a 
show stopping urgent security fix.  


> I think spamming people with multiple bugs for the same issue only
> increase the chances of people ignoring bugzilla emails.
> It also makes it difficult to read all infos about the bugs, some infos
> will be in the bug for Mageia 2, other infos will be in the Cauldron
> bug.
> In my opinion we should have only one bug for an issue, with keyword or
> comments to indicate that it also affect other versions. And only when a
> solution is found, the bug is forked for each release to track the
> upload and QA tests.

Would it be possible to have a bug report refer to multiple versions 
and simultaneously have X marked as OLD, Y marked as FIXED, and 
Z marked as BLOCKING?  

blind Pete
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