[Mageia-dev] LXDE Power Management in Mageia

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Sun Nov 11 21:33:06 CET 2012

LXDE Power Management seems to be non-existent, and where it does exist 
it seems to be distro-related.  Google searching indicates that other 
distros use either gnome-power-manager or xfce4-power-manager to meet 
the need, but there is no GUI and no hint as to which config files 
should be modified manually.

The interesting thing is that most people complaining of the lack of a 
UI complain that they are looking for a way to  turn *on* things like 
suspend or sleep when the laptop lid is closed.  My experience with 
Mageia is that sleep is *on* by default when the lid is closed under 
LXDE, and I want to turn it *off*.

That difference suggests that we are configuring LXDE by default with 
power options different from those in other distros.  My question is, 
how are we doing this ?  Does the user have any control over this at all 
?  Is KDE the only Mageia desktop that has any usable Power Management ?

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