[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release kwallet-4.9.2-1.mga3

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Tue Oct 16 05:06:50 CEST 2012

Balcaen John a écrit :
> Le lundi 15 octobre 2012 22:15:20 Sander Lepik a écrit :
>> 15.10.2012 21:46, Guillaume Rousse kirjutas:
>>> Le 15/10/2012 19:07, Malo a écrit :
>>>> On 15/10/12 17:34, Balcaen John wrote:
>>>>> Le lundi 15 octobre 2012 15:48:46 Marek Laane a écrit :
>>>>> [...]
>>>>>> Again, is "Networking/Remote access" right group for Kwallet?
>>>>> Do you have a better group for this ?
>>>> Security
>>> I expected 'security' group to contain actual security-tools, such as vuln
>>> scanners, not desktop components as kwallet or gnome-keyring.
>> Why not just 'Graphical desktop/KDE'? It's pretty much integrated into KDE
>> and requires a lot of KDE packages.
> Well there's a *bunch* of stuff inside Graphical desktop/KDE (or in any
> Graphical desktop/* ) so that's why i initially moved some of thoses apps from
> this category.
I'm beginning to think that we should use tags in addition to the rpm 
Then we could use Graphical_desktop/KDE for all KDE related packages, 
with a "security" tag, and users could easily find the particular package.
Similarly for packages oriented to other desktops, particularly gnome.
A similar desktop-agnostic package would only appear in the security group.
This could even be used to reduce the nesting of groups, as in 

Alternately, we could add subgroups to Graphical_desktop/KDE and other 
major desktops.



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