[Mageia-dev] rehashing the faac issue

PhilippeDidier philippedidier at laposte.net
Sat Oct 27 00:59:09 CEST 2012

Pierre-Malo Deniélou a écrit :
> Le 26/10/12 17:47,PhilippeDidier nous adresse ces quelques mots :
>> Guillaume Rousse a écrit :
>> unfortunately ...
>> three weeks after the last post on this thread
>> a long silence
>> and there is nothing new in Mageia..
> Sorry Philippe that we are not quick enough for you ...
> The packager team is overworked and short of people, so everyone
> prioritises their own work over minor issues like faac (although
> Guillaume is about so solve that issue soon).
> If you'd like to help, please join the packager team, we need help with
> maintaining the thousands of packages that are in Mageia and help in
> developing a great Mageia 3.
Sorry that you understood that I meant you're not quick enough !!!!
That was absolutely not what I thought...

But I wondered why  the thread suddenly stopped three weeks ago with
apparently no decision ...
I was afraid it was buried.

It's a good news when I read that Guillaume is working on it  :-)

I am not skilled enough to become a maintainer... and most of all I
would not have regularly time to really maintain packages (I wouldn't do
a serious work for the community if I'm not here to apply corrections
when needed)
 When I have time I try my best to test updates, report bugs, propose
patches or specs (some of them have been used by maintainers), test liveCD

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