[Mageia-dev] M3 beta - where to report problems?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Wed Apr 10 11:06:12 CEST 2013

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On 08/04/13 20:48, Frank Griffin wrote:
> On 04/08/2013 02:41 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> No, it doesn't.  When I ran XFdrake the test did display
>> colours, though at a resolution I wouldn't want to work with :-)
>> However, on reboot I still have a backlit black screen.
>> I'm sure you are on the right track.  It's not radeon, though,
>> it's Intel 810 and later.  I see that listed in XFdrake, but if I
>> try to use it I'm told that there are no screens.  Not sure what
>> that means, though.
>> When booting into rescue, I saw several items listed as "Intel 
>> Corporation:NM10/ICH7 Family" which sounds right to me.
>> So - I need Intel drivers (and firmware).  Can I use the same
>> rescue processes to get the Internet working so that I can
>> download them?
>> Odd, though, that even VESA didn't work.
> Let me get this straight.  You ran XFdrake for VESA chrooted to
> your root partition, got a decent test, and the real boot *still*
> screws up ?  Weird.
> If you follow the process I gave, you should be able to start the 
> network from within the chroot (provided you were able to start it
> from the rescue boot), or else it should already be up.  You should
> then be able to run urpmi from within the chroot to install the
> firmware packages from nonfree.
> You'll need at least kernel-firmware-nonfree.  Here's what else is
> there:
> [root at ftgme2 ftg]# cd /mnt/cauldron/x86_64/media/nonfree/release 
> [root at ftgme2 release]# ls *firm* 
> atmel-firmware-1.3-5.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> bluez-firmware-1.2-9.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> ipw2100-firmware-1.3-5.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> ipw2200-firmware-3.1-3.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> ivtv-firmware-20080701-1.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> kernel-firmware-nonfree-20130307-1.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> radeon-firmware-20120322-5.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> ralink-firmware-20130307-1.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> rtlwifi-firmware-20130307-1.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm 
> speedtouch-firmware-0.1-10.mga3.nonfree.noarch.rpm
> If that doesn't work, then it sounds like your TTY configuration
> is screwed, and if that's the case, I'm tapped out.  Colin would
> probably be the best one to ask what controls getty under systemd
> and how it's configured.

I went through the following steps again:
1) Boot the rescue system
2) drvinst
3) mount your root as /mnt
4) do a "mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev
5) do a "chroot /mnt"
6) do a "mount -t proc none /proc"
7) do a "mount -t sysfs none /sys"
8) do "XFdrake"
9) choose the x11 VESA or VGA driver (way down at bottom of list)

except that this time I chose the Other:VESA (generic) driver.  On
closing XFdrake I got

ioctl EVIOCGBIT failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Is this to be expected?  Anyway, on reboot it was exactly the same as

Starting afresh, I followed the steps up to running XFdrake (but not
running XFdrake yet).  I tried 'ifup eth0' but 'Running in chroot.
Ignoring request'.  After "exit" this changed to "Running in chroot.
ignoring request. ./network-functions: line 260: cd:
/var/run/netreport: No such file or directory.

Incidentally, how do you reboot or shutdown when in chroot - and/or
how do you reverse the chroot?

So - I'm back in console, without running any of the steps yet.  Can
you give me the command to add the non-free source and tell me how to
get eth0 working?


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