[Mageia-dev] «mageia-maintainers-database» - explicit version of ruby-rails in Requires? Why?

Manuel Hiebel manuel.mageia at hiebel.eu
Sat Jan 5 09:55:06 CET 2013

Le 05/01/2013 08:25, Johnny A. Solbu a écrit :
> Hi.
> I'm browsing through http://check.mageia.org/cauldron/dependencies.html, looking for maintainer-less packages to fix before the comming version freeze.
> «mageia-maintainers-database» is one of the packages I've found, and I'm puzzled as to why it have an explicit version requirement on ruby-rails.
> Can anyone enlighten me as to why that is?
> Would something break if I removed the version from the «Requires: rubygem(tails)» line and pushed it?

This package is not used (as previously said by someone else)

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