[Mageia-dev] weird dependencies that i've seen

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Jan 7 12:33:22 CET 2013

'Twas brillig, and AL13N at 04/01/13 16:49 did gyre and gimble:
> 2. pulseaudio suggests it's i586 counterparts (plz don't)
> 2. in spec file, requested for closed source 3rd party binaries that
are 32bit

This is expected. As several people install third party 32-bit apps that
use Audio (e.g. Skype) we suggest that people have the 32-bit alsa libs,
pulse plugin and pulse libraries even on 64 bit installs.

So either we suggest this or I have to deal with loads of bug reports
about why it doesn't work. I prefer the current solution (after
suffering the pain of the other option over the years).

> 3. qtwebkit requires gstreamer (not phonon)

Does qtwebkit use phonon these days? I think it used to use gstreamer
directly, but no clue about the current status quo.

> 5. hugin directly requires make... why would a gui require a buildtool?

hugin is a bit special tho'. It generates jobs and runs them. Perhaps
make is an integral part of this? I don't know specifically. Maybe it
used to be many years ago but isn't needed now? Dunno, but having used
hugin a bit, it's not super surprising to me to see this here.

> 6. kipi-plugins suggested by gwenview
> 6. gwenview really uses all kipi-plugins?

Isn't gwenview a kipi-host? It used to be... As such users should be
able to access all the kipi functionality from within gwenview.

It's not so much that gwenview uses them, but the users of gwenview who
may want to use them...

On the others I have no clue :)



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