[Mageia-dev] GRUB can't see HD from chroot unless parent /dev is bind-mounted in chroot ?

Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hp.com
Thu Jan 17 00:41:16 CET 2013

Colin Guthrie said on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 09:17:46PM +0000:

> > C) of course, udev is not inside systemd, so it appears the new way is now to 
> > somehow spawn a systemd process inside the chroot (maybe systemd-nspawn?)
> Personally I think that's overkill.

+1 and systemd works badly with chrooted prcesses itself as I
experienced recently with squid :-( I'd like to have more time to
experiment with LXC, maybe a easier solution for systemd usage (but not
for what you tried to achieve).

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