[Mageia-dev] What's the point of the latest nvidia update?

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sat Jan 19 15:44:11 CET 2013

Op zaterdag 19 januari 2013 10:51:21 schreef Robert Wood:
> I have a modern nvidia graphics card on my desktop that necessittated
> having to get the very latest nvidia driver from the nvidia site and
> manually install.
> So, when we had a nvidia pakcage update on my laptop, I thought I'd give
> the Mageia package another go, but it makes sack-all difference, it
> still just sits there doing nothing and says:
> Failed to start Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit
> So I went and looked on my laptop and it looks like it's v 295.49
> whereas the very latest version is 304.43. I need this for my modern
> graphics card or the desktop refuses to boot. So, why bother with
> v295.49 when there's a much more modern one?
> **

for mga2, the driver update (meaning no new functionality, just bugfixes is 

for mga3 (beta1) the latest driver is atm 310...

if for mga2 you want a newer driver you should ask for a backport request, ie: 
to have 310 on mga2 as well.

plz file such requests at https://bugs.mageia.org/

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