[Mageia-dev] USB Keyboard disabled in current stage1

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Mon Mar 18 14:49:48 CET 2013

Trying a fresh install this morning (booting isolinux from grub), the 
"select your install type" curses menu comes up, but the keyboard is 
completely unresponsive.  There's no problem with the keyboard itself, 
as it worked fine to navigate the grub menu to select isolinux.

Isolinux gives the normal "Detecting USB devices" popup, but I suspect 
that it's not working, as the keyboard is USB.  This is reinforced by 
the fact that the keyboard works perfectly booting the same isolinux in 
a VirtualBox VM.

This was working OK on Mar 11 afternoon EST when I did the last install 
on this box.

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