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Paul Willard paul at mcrides.co.nz
Tue Sep 21 22:16:41 CEST 2010

I hate timezone differences .. I miss all the action.

Clearly I am an advocate of using mandrivauser/mageiauser.org as I have:
*  20,000 users already
* years of experiences running a large board
* Infrastructure providing by osuosl
* a whole bunch of other good reasons.

This conversation seems to be going all over the show .. yesterday the word was 
	"let's not talk about it, and let the steering committee lead it"
But clearly that hasn't happened.

So my question:
Who is the steering committee ? who can make a decision ?

Because this "let's all have a go, and see who becomes famous the quickest" will just cause fraction amongst the community.

BTW, it's morning here .. so I'm available to talk for the next 12 - 16 hours :) (damn timezones)

Paul Willard.

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