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Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Sep 22 21:56:10 CEST 2010

Le mardi 21 septembre 2010 à 18:09 +0200, Tux99 a écrit :
> On Tue, 21 Sep 2010, vfmBOFH wrote:
> >
> > Similar to the (failed) mandriva assembly, huh?
> > 
> > I think it can be a good scheme. And comes with some "extras" like localized
> > communities can "elect" their representative on the future associaton, and
> > turns the "central hub" in a open discuss for them. If this scheme sucess,
> > transparency and openess of the representative's discursons are guaranteed.
> Since vfmBOFH mentions the failed mandriva assembly, I'd like to suggest 
> to please keep the organisational structure as flat as possible.
> On the internet where everyone has equal possibilities to be informed 
> and partecipate we don't need multi-level hierarchical structures with 
> so called local community representatives that have special rights or 
> influence.

Did you read the book "The starfish and the spider" by chance :) ?

( if you didn't, you should, or try to see Max Spevack presentation
about Fedora organisation )

> As we just saw during the first days of Mageia, the opinion of some 
> local community representatives don't necessarily match at all with the 
> opinions of the members of their community.
> So personally I don't see any point in local community representatives 
> as decision makers. If anything they should make sure that their 
> communities are informaed by arranging translations of relevant 
> information and manage their local forums, events etc.
> Any voting on global Mageia issues should be open to everyone, there 
> should be no delegations or representations as that's not necessary on 
> the internet.

As anti democratic I will sound, I do not like much the idea of voting.

Because this often end promoting segregation rather compromise, and
giving opinion rather than acting to make the change. In France, we have
basically 2 side each time, given our voting system, and this create
manichean situations, which then degenerate in friction. And minorities
views are mostly not considered. 

I also have bad memories of Debian discussion when there is stuff to

More ever, i think we should better aim to a system where a minimal
number of choices will be imposed on others. Ie if we decide to use
openbox as default wm, we should have a easy way to produce another iso,

Of course, default choices will have to be made, but this must be either
"easy" to change, or at least based on technical ground and numbers
rather than opinion and political aspects.

Michael Scherer

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