[Mageia-discuss] Mailist etiquette -- gentle reminder

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sat Sep 25 01:04:42 CEST 2010

> Most email clients will automatically delete a correctly formatted
> signature block. Unfortunately, this list's signature is not
> correctly formatted - it should have two hyphens, followed by a
> space, followed by carriage return, followed by the signature
> contents - so users have to manually delete it.
> Compare my personal signature below with the list signature above
> to see the formatting problem - perhaps someone with admin powers on
> the list setup could correct this?

I am not sure if anyone was aware of this.

If you are seriously making use of this mailist, you may try to use the 
Gmane services instead. You can navigate back and forth through the 
discussion threads very easily and it is more efficient as following the 
development of ideas. Most email agents will also let you tag a thread 
so that you can spot them qucker.

The people who read the mailist on the other hand will often delete past 
threads or emails and lose the development of the thread. Some arguments 
make no sense if you delete a critical argument and a thread often time 
will develop sub-threads.


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