[Mageia-discuss] Think about bugzilla monitoring?

Cassian Braconnnier ptyxs at free.fr
Sat Sep 25 14:49:04 CEST 2010

Le 25/09/2010 14:31, Farfouille a écrit :
> )
> Le 25/09/2010 14:03, André Machado a écrit :
>> Short answer : by using language of higher level than C or C++.
>> Which one ? : Java, D, Vala.
To say that Java is "higher level" than C++ is absolutely meaningless.
>> - low level libraries can still be done in C/C++ with well crafted 
>> bindings to high level languages
There is no such thing as C/C++.  There is C language on the one hand 
and C++ language on the other. Two very different languages (even if C++ 
includes most of C  language).
C++ is on a par with Java as far as "level" is concerned.
Of course you can prefer one over the other : that is a quite different 
Cassian Braconnier (Ptyxs)
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