[Mageia-discuss] Help about gmane and broken threads

farfouille farfouille64 at laposte.net
Sun Sep 26 13:59:32 CEST 2010


I just changed the way I read and reply to Mageia ML but I need some help.

Previously, I read ML using thunderbird, IMAP and TB rules to put ML 
messages in a local folder.

In order to avoid rules and to download every messages, I'm now using 
gname. After a first try to 'pan' a GTK news reader that doesn't 
convince me, I set an NNTP acount up in TB (which is also a news reader).

When I reply to a message, the thread is not broken in the gmane/mageia 
folder but it is in my previous local folder (filled with IMAP + TB 
rules) that I haven't deleted yet.

I don't want to bother ML readers that don't use gmane but I don't know 
to correct this.

Any help appreciated


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