[Mageia-discuss] Mageia's strategy

P. Christeas p_christ at hol.gr
Sun Sep 26 19:12:32 CEST 2010

On Sunday 26 September 2010, david wrote:
> For example my wish would be a generalist distro (like ubuntu) for
> newbies and/or microsoft users,...

Let me rant in a rather non-polite tone:
why does *every* Linux distro have to be for Windows users?? Why does every 
product need to be targeted at stupid people? (obvious answer: there is lots 
of them)

Can't we please keep building a distro for *Linux* users? 
If people choose Linux, they shall obviously like Linux, not Windoze. It's 
like we are trying to serve a vanilla ice cream to people who prefer 
chocolate. Can we, please, keep making vanilla taste like vanilla? We had been 
good at that, some years ago.

Lets see again what features had made us like linux in the first place:
 - It used to be light and fast. (not like KDE4 or win Vista)
 - It used to be able to run for months, even years without a crash or need to 
reboot.. (not like knotify4 and pulseaudio)
 - It used to do all the things we wanted, with plethora of tools (not like 
Gnome or Apple)
 - It used to allow us to configure either through gui tools, or through 
cmdline and text files (not like the modern "desktop" trends).
 - It could connect to the network without the need of a GUI server/client 
(not like networkmanager)
 - It was free from closed-source applications (not like Android)
 - It had allowed us to have a continuous desktop (+home) for many years, 
including all the software upgrades, without need to format our disks every 6 
months (not like Ubuntu or some KDE4 apps).

So, if we try to sell "better Windows", we'd better just give up and let 
Micro$oft do their job, they are better at it.

On the other, marketing-wise, side, when we try to re-invent Windows, we just 
admit that our Linux vision was flawed. And, of course, we let down all the 
people that had believed our promises about Linux. 


Say NO to spam and viruses. Stop using Microsoft Windows!

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