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>>> I also fond of Bordeaux color. But i doubt it' ll be used in mageia Im also fond of Bordeaux. That's a color, too?
>> Sorry...
>> Oliver
> The psychology explains many sensations related to color. For example, the colors yellow, red and white awaken hunger in their viewers; So many restaurants use combinations of these colors in their decorations, the taskbar in KDE / Windows is at the bottom of the screen because we pay more attention to what which is at the bottom of our vision.
> I think it would be a good idea to ask some tips from a psychologist, can be a great advantage of marketing to our advantage, because many community distros simply ignore this factors because they do not know it.
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And why not propose a project to a laboratory of a university. Maybe 
there are students in psychology or ergonomy particpating to the 
At Ubuntu there is a team dedicated to that, but having the cooperation 
of specialists would be more efficient.
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