[Mageia-discuss] Translation -structure

Adrian Marcinkowski amfidiusz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 14:46:34 CEST 2010

W dniu 2010-09-28 14:17, Lombard Marianne pisze:
>> The suggestion, that i wanted to run by someone before putting on the
>> mailist, is that each country community starts a section (a wiki for
>> example) where all the members of that community are able to translate

I'm definitely against using wiki for translation purposes or giving 
access to i18n tools to everybody. First of all, localization needs to 
be consistent. If everybody starts giving different names for same 
features, it will be a mess. Of course, there could be supervisors 
checking every single word but that structure will not work in smaller 
communities where HR capacity is limited. There also need to be a 
extensive guideline for all translators - and if we cannot force the 
community not to top-post on the mailing lists, I doubt we can reach 
concensus on the matter of proper phrases localization. I don't want to 
say that many of Mageia users will do the bad job on purpose but huge 
amount of them is not either fluent in English or their own language to 
be a translator.

What I see as a perfect solution, is - discussed earlier - transifex. It 
will allow us to manage files easily and to create skillful and devoted 
localization teams. Of course, everybody would be able to join but the 
selection of candidates should appear in order not to do the same job twice.


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