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Rémi Verschelde rverschelde at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 13:10:02 CEST 2010

2010/10/1 Frank Griffin <ftg at roadrunner.com>

> Gustavo Giampaoli wrote:
> >
> > Same way if you put the sweetest marmalade in an ugly and dirty
> > package. And you also put some dog sh*t in the most beautiful
> > packaging, with a nice ribbon.
> >
> > Ask them "please, pick one". Which one do you think people will pick
> first?
> >
> You're overlooking that fact that if you are a commercial enterprise you
> can pay people to tie ribbons around dogsh*t, but you'll find very few
> community contributors who are willing to do that for their own
> amusement and edification. :-)

I do agree with Gustavo.
And what he tries to say is not « functionality is irrelevant, let's focus
on design, guys ». He says (or that's what I understood) that we should
consider aesthetics. And I think that in the whole community there might be
people who feel concerned about/are competent in graphic design, and willing
to improve GUIs.
I just think that we could let them improve things instead of saying « don't
put your artistic hands in my code, it works so there's no problem if the
GUI is ugly ».

Functionality is the most important aspect, but design is relevant.

For example : I never used the 3D desktop in Mandriva, but I convinced a lot
of my friends to try the distro showing them my funny cubic desktop. Just
because it looks great, not because it is useful.
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