[Mageia-discuss] Wish List

Richard richard.j.walker at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 2 14:07:37 CEST 2010

I see that some of us are suggesting all sorts of ideas for tools to use and 
tools to replace and perhaps also new packages to be included.

I would like to suggest that for me and perhaps for a silent majority (OK 
perhaps not) the most important thing is to get a good stable working Mageia 
2011.0 out there and if that means making very very few changes relative to 
what a new Mandriva release might have been then that is good.

The less we seek to change the quicker the first stable release can appear. 
That is the conclusion I have drawn from some of the dev comments. The 
quicker the first stable release is out then the sooner we can look to 
introducing necessary/desirable changes and forge the new Mageia identity.

I seem to recall that in the early days Mandrake was belittled by calling it 
just a repackaged Red Hat. I think the best accolade we could receive for 
Mageia 1 is "just a repackaged Mandriva".

Surely the time to strike out on our own and in our own direction is after we 
have established a firm foundation which is attractivly familiar to all of 
the existing Mandriva user base.


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