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Gustavo Giampaoli giampaoli.gustavo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 15:47:45 CEST 2010

> And the languages have diverged ever since the colonization over four hundred
> years ago, with the result that Paraguay Spanish, heavily salted with words
> and expressions borrowed from the Guarani, is in my opinion as far removed
> from the Spanish of Spain as Broad Scots is from the Quenn's English.

Yes, people from Paraguay in some cases, speak Guarani too. And mix
both languages. But they can speak Spanish only. I know it because I
know people from Paraguay, born in Paraguay, that came here for work.
And guess what? We both speak Spanish!!!!! Wow!!!! And we can
understand each other!!!!!!

We have different accent, but use same Spanish. Call it "neutral
Spanish", "basic Spanish", "traditional Spanish". Insults may differ
(but not all insults XDDDDDD).

And, in Argentina, in province of Corrientes, people use to talk both,
Spanish and Guarani. And guess what? They are also Argentinean!!!! In
fact, my mother-in-law is from Corrientes, but she doesn't speak
Guarani. Only Spanish...

Truth is that, if you really want to separate, you will always find a reason.

I speak with people from Chile, from Bolivia, from Paraguay. I
understand all of them and they understand me.

I watch movies from Spain (like movies from Alex De La Iglesia) and I
understand every single word. Even "regionalisms" because you see the
context and the "base" language is the same.

You must "live" the experience. Spanish is almost the same in all
countries. All Latin American countries speak Spanish as dictated by
RAE (Real Academia Española www.rae.es )

Nobody told me. I lived the experience. That's why (no disrespect
intended) nothing you can write will change my mind.

As far as I know, Americans and British fought WW II together and they
understood each other. Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair use to talk each other
without translators. And Americans can read Shakespeare pretty well ;)

You really think that four hundred years made Spain to speak Spanish
and Argentineans to speak something so different like the Japanese???

And we both should stop here. IMHO we're hijacking the thread


Gustavo Giampaoli (aka tavillo1980)

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