[Mageia-discuss] Mageia governance model draft

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 5 20:42:16 CEST 2010

"Romain d'Alverny" <rdalverny at gmail.com> schrieb am 2010-10-05
> Teams are made of at least two sub-groups (from a credentials point of
> view): * "Apprentices" (people being mentored into the team - someone
> suggested "petit scarabée" as a label but...)
>  * and "Masters".
> The idea is that Masters have voting power within the team (for
> decisions or leader election) and full rights on the infrastructure.
> Apprentices have no voice yet and less rights on infrastructure,
> provided they are being mentored. It's then up to Masters to decide if
> an Apprentice makes it to Master or not. That's the reality behind the
> mentoring process.

In technical things I support two or more levels. There's much to learn for 
little community packagers as myself as there is in any field for the 
As you describe it, there will be a political division in oldtimers with the 
power to vote and newcommers without it as well. And this I can't support. 
This sounds too much like a group of oldtimers hanging on to their power (even 
if it is not, and I really do believe in you trying to be as democratic as 

Please don't initiate any kind of caste-system, to be as open as possible we 
do need a hirarchie as flat as possible.


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