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Wed Oct 6 13:17:26 CEST 2010

2010/10/6 Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at googlemail.com>:
> Ahmad Samir <ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com> schrieb am 2010-10-06
>> > I don't think it'll happen this way. It's not going to be some people
>> > will be in charge of decision making forever.
>> >
>> > If you look at the association board itself, you'll see that it'll be
>> > replaced by third every year; it's built this way. So even a new
>> > packager, once he proves his commitment/competence, becomes an old
>> > packager.
> That is o.k., you (or it's better tosay we) just have tomake sure, there are
> nounneccessary obstacles fora padawan tobecome a master.
> I wasjust concerned by Romains words in his original posting
>> > > The idea is that Masters have voting power within the team (for
>> > > decisions or leader election)
>> > > [...]
>> > > Apprentices have no voice yet
> That sounded a lotlike creating two castes, one with power, one without. But
> as he wrote later, it was just a matter of putting it in the wrong words.
>> > Note that a period of time is needed for a new guy who starts
>> > working/contributing in a new place to gain people's trust/confidence.
>> > (trust is gained not given, right?).
>> >
>> > (For example you, in MUD, you have a packaging team; say you,
>> > doktor5000 and tigger-gg are the old packagers (though girls never get
>> > older than 30 ;)); a new guy wants to contribute, he must will take
>> > some time to prove his worth / that he can be trusted / competence
>> > before you give him decision-making privileges. He'll be the new guy
>> > until a new new guy joins.).
> That's logical and as I wrote, I have no problemat all with being tutored by
> some experienced packager who will be able to teach me many things I don't
> know yet.
> After all "you have much to learn, young padawan".
>> P.S. I forgot to say I like the term "padawans" too.
> :)
> Oliver

As you may know, i'm not an experienced packager but the only Mandriva
Turkiye community repo packager and maintainer; i'd like to be trained
by experienced packagers (masters) and become padawan. So i think
masters-padawans structure is a good beginning. Also, i think masters
should listen and try to cope with padawans opinions but at least at
the beginning, say until the first release, masters should make
decisions as padawans are not well know build system and deeper
components of the distro. "May the force be with you" :)

My 2 cents...

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